Mouse not working (Windows 10)

Today I installed my free Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 7 and the installation went smoothly. The mouse worked as the sign in screen appears (where each account on the device has a name and n icon and a role such as admin etc) but as i unlock my account and get to my desktop background with my icons the mouse works and moves around until it tries to open programs.

The second the little blue cirle beside the mouse tries to process my request (such as opening spotify) the mouse freezes and will not move at all. Even after the program is up and funtioning (which I can see because ads and this are moving and running no problem ) the mouse continues to not move.

The keyboard works because I accesssed the start menu through the windows key and could type words but the mouse would not budge. I completely shut it down and restarted it multiple times but I got the same responses. This is very disheartening because I have work to get done and and cannot do it or even get to it without a mouse.

The mouse is not an external mouse that you can buy extra, it is the actual mouse on the actual device. I have an ASUS model x401a according to the stickers on the back of the laptop, so the mouse is just a rectangle below the keyboard. I have had this laptop for 4 years maybe and never had too many issues.

I am having the same exact issue with my Acer laptop. The mouse works fine until a program tries to get permission to be used. I haven’t found any solutions online, in fact this is the first post I found relating to my issue. However, I managed to find a temporary solution for my laptop and it might work with yours. For some reason Windows 10 is disabling the mouse program and therefore every time I restart my laptop I have to go thru the same steps to get it back on.

so once the issue occurs press the windows button on your keyboard then navigate to “settings” using the Tab button.

once your on the setting page press “Tab” and then choose “Devices” using the arrow keys.

once your on the devices page, use the arrow keys to navigate to “mouse and touchpad”.  Then press Tab 6 times until you reach “additional mouse options” and press enter.

once your one the mouse properties page navigate using tab until “buttons” tab is highlighted. then use the arrow keys to navigate to your mouse program for me it was “Elan”

once your there navigate with “tab”  to “enable device”.

your mouse should start to work now. but like I said I still have to use these steps every time I restart my laptop. and also the “right click” wont work even after I enable the device. hopefully you will have better luck than me.

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