Mouse and keyboard input not working after windows 10 upgrade from windows 7.

I upgraded to the window 10 tech preview from windows 7 and now my mouse and keyboard dont work once the os loads up and brings me to the sign in screen. I cant even roll back to windows 7 now because I have no mouse input except for when the bios splash screen is showing. Any help would be amazing thank you.

I have the same problem. I tried rebooting,moved to different USB port still does not recognize the keyboard or mouse. Also tried F8 on reboot, nothing, no mouse or keyboard. I can’t do anything but shut the computer down using the power button, on start up I get to the sign in screen (Hi there, welcome back!) but still no M or K. I can’t roll back (before I get to the sign in screen) because it doesn’t recognize any inputs including F8. Can anyone HELP!!

I have a HP computer with Microsoft Wireless 800 Keyboard and Mouse 

Upgraded from “7”

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