Microsoft Print to PDF – Custom Paper Sizes Possible?

Q. I am using Windows 10 and would like to be able to use Print to PDF to create a file with custom dimensions (i.e. one that can matches my Surface Pro screen dimensions). Is it possible to add custom paper sizes, as I can do with the XPS Printer?


I would suggest you to follow the steps provided below and check if it helps.

  • Click Print, A print window spreads up. Click Print as PDF button. A drop down opens up. Choose Add a Printer.
  • As soon as you click Add a printer a settings window uncovers where you can see Searching for Printer and Scanner. If you have added a printer the settings window displays it after a while unless add the printer cable to your PC port and click Refresh.
  • Return Back to the Print window and click on Print button.
  • You see various tools of customization here like orientation, pages, etc. Do the changes as required. You can practice with changing the print settings on your own choice.
  • Portrait and Landscape are to choose whether you want to take the print in vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • Pages option lets you choose the numbers of pages you want to print at one time.
  • Scale facilitates to set the size of the page.
  • Margins allow to scale the distance of pages from the edge of the window.
  • And finally, you can set to put on or off the header and footer to have in the printout you are getting.

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