Microsoft Edge AdBlock

Just not long ago, I upgraded my Windows 8.1 -> Windows 10. I’m loving it so far, especially the new interface where there’s a mixed between Windows 8 and 7. However the browser, doesn’t seem to support AdBlock like the previous browser did, Internet Explorer.

Do you guys think there will be a free extension or add-on that will be available to Windows Edge? I really love Edge so far and want to make it my primary browser but also don’t wanna deal with annoying ads when I’m surfing the web.

P.S. Please forgive me if I placed in the wrong category and topic. >.<

Thank you for your interest in Windows 10 Technical preview.

Please follow the steps to block Pop-ups or Ads.

  1. Open “Microsoft Edge settings”.
  2. Select the option “View advance settings”.
  3. Turn on “Pop-up block”.
  4. And also turn on “help protect me from malicious sites and downloads from Smart filter”.

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