Microsoft Camera Codec Pack for Windows 10 64-bit

Would you please advise me where I can download the Microsoft Camera Codec Pack for Windows 10 64-bit?

When I approached Panasonic for a solution so I can preview RW2 photos taken with my Lumix DMC-LX100 camera they advised me to download Microsoft Camera Codec Pack (6.3.9721.0) however the is the incorrect version for Windows 10.

You say “Microsoft Camera Codec Pack for Windows 10 is not available”, well, thats odd, I’ve already installed this package “Windows8.1-KB2899189-x64.msu” on my Windows 10 EDU 64 bit CZ (fresh install) with no problems. When I tried the same procedure on my PC (which was upgraded from Win 8.1 Pro N) it saysImage

“not applicable for your computer”. I wonder why since both computers are basicly running Windows 10. Do you happen to know, how to install that package anyway? I didn’t find any “compatibility mode” for standalone msu packages.

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