Log off in Windows 10

Clicking on the power selection in the Start menu in Windows 10 does not give me a Log off option, only Sleep, Shutdown, or Restart. There are two users for my PC and in earlier versions of Windows you were able to Log off and another user could log on without having to restart or shutdown the computer first.

Has the log off function been taken away for Windows 10?

Its simple, You need to click start, then you would see your account in the left top-most corner of the start(provided that you don’t set the start to occupy the entire screen..). You need to click on the rectangular box that shows your account… there you have the following options:

1. sign out ( ie. Log off)

2. directly go to other account in your pc.

3. change account settings

4. Lock your pc.

Right click on the white window box start button. This will give you the option to sign off (log off).

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