Lock Screen on timeout Windows 10

My hp stream tablet wont automatically lock the screen. the screensave will come on but i just swipe and i back in the device. i can manually lock the screen but i haven’t figured out how to make it do it automatically. i have looked at the time out and the lock screen sections but it isn’t working. worked in windows 8.1.

I had this question too. I have personal Win 10 Surface Pro 2 that I use occasionally to connect to Corporate Exchange server to download mail. To do that, I have to accept the Corporate Policy Settings. (Really important stuff like screen saver on) In Win 8 there was a setting in control panel that said something like “Reset / remove remote policy settings” or something like that. It basically removed the nonsense domain controller policies inflicted on you to connect to the Corporate Exchange server.

In Win8, I use to connect, synchronise e-mail and then immediately remove the policy settings. It was great. Removed the screen lock time out. But now I have Win 10, I can’t find that ‘favourite’ setting, and I’m going berserk logging back on every time I turn around. Anyone know where that setting has gone?  (And why!)


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