Is there a Windows Installer Cleanup utility for Windows 10?

Background: I’ve used the MKS Tooklit for Windows since Windows 3.1. When I upgraded my 8.1 system to Windows 10 Pro, the toolkit stopped working. It turned out a new version had to released for Windows 10. When the new version was released and I went to install it, the installation failed. The installer thought that that I had an old Toolkit version installed, but that was not true. Previously I’d removed it using the Windows Program and Features utility in the Control Panel.

I’ve been working with MKS to get this resolved, and they now believe the error is in the Windows Update utility’s data base. They directed my to try the Windows Installer Cleanup utility to see if that would repair the problem.

I’ve been searching for such an animal, but it seems as if it was last available for Windows 7. Is there something I can use on Windows 10 Pro?

Is there some other way this problem can be repaired?

I will be glad to help you with the issue you have with the computer.

In Windows they have inbuilt applications to perform disk clean up and improve the performance of your computer.

I suggest you to follow the below link to clean up your computer and improve the performance in the computer.

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