How to remove the search bar which is stuck at the top of the screen?

Original title: Windows 10 search bar

This Question STILL remains UNANSWERD!!;

Please tell us how to remove the search bar stuck at the top of the screen on my windows 10 desktop . . .please note it is not f11 or the taskbar at the bottom area. . .

My quest is to find an answer to this simple question:

I want to REMOVE the explorer search bar at the top of the screen in my windows 10 desktop, so how can I do this please?????

I found the solution and that is a Web bar toolbar you. Web Bar is a program that is commonly bundled with other free programs that you download off of the Internet. When Web Bar is installed, users will see a toolbar in the top part of Windows.

How to Uninstall

a) Right-click on Start and click on Control Panel.

b) Click on Programs and features and click on Uninstall a Program.

c) Under Uninstall Program look for webbar toolbar

e) right-click on the tool\search bar and uninstall it.

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