How to mute the microphone with a keyboard shortcut?

Without using third party software, how can a microphone mute shortcut be setup to mute a microphone on and off.

I do see under record devices>properties for mic> levels> a mute button there that would work. how can I trigger that with a keyboard shortcut if I need to turn mute and unmute quickly on voip calls.   The button will work but I need to be able to access it without going into the properties for the mic each time.

My keyboard has a mute key but that mutes the sound.  I am trying to mute the microphone.  I don’t see a way of mapping or creating a macro.

If I try to launch mblctr.exe , I get a message : [Window Title]
Windows Mobility Center [Main Instruction]
Windows Mobility Center is available only on laptops.


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