How to locate the scanned documents on Windows 10?

Q. Everyone – Possibly a very simple questions to those who know, previously on Windows 7 when I scanned a document from my wireless printer to my lap top the scan used to go into “my documents folder”. Now in Windows 10 it seems to put the scan into any obscure folder attached to “my document folder” therefore hard to find after scanning. How do I determine which folder the scans go to?


I suggest you to refer to the below article about Scan app and check if it helps.

Scan app for Windows: FAQ

Does the scanner show up at “START, Settings, Devices, Printers & Scanners“? If so…

(a) Click it, then click Manage.

(b) In the screen that opens, ensure it set as the Default.

(c) Open in turn both its Properties & Preferences to see whether you can spot where the scanned items will be saved.

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