how to fix drag and drop in windows 10?

Complete frustration with windows 10

Seriously, has nobody come up with a fix for the drag drop issue in Windows 10???

The posts I’ve seen are almost a year old and I don’t see any answers to any of the questions concerning drag and drop for

windows 10, is there a fix yet?

I can’t even move files to my dropbox, and clients are waiting to download thes file, can someone help?

A frustrated windows 10 user…

  1. Check if you can copy and paste.
  2. Right click on the file select copy and paste the file in the drop box.

Or you can also use the following step:

  1. Select the file press Ctrl + C.
  2. Go to the drop box press Ctrl + V.

To resolve this issue you can also follow the link given below:

Run SFC scan. Follow the link given below to fix this issue.

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