How to Change the Keyboard Layout on Windows 10 TP?

Q. After upgrade to Windows 10 I have some issues with all my symbols.
I am from Denmark, so i have Danish or Scandinavian keyboard, but i think the problem is that Windows 10 only have English keyboard.
However my other laptop work just fine..
When i hit a symbol i like to make, it just makes another symbol.
Ex. if i try to make a question mark, this symbol appear _

Is there anyway i can get it the symbols back in place again_


From the issue description, it seems like you are using the “English” keyboard layout on the computer with the Danish keyboard hardware and that is the reason why “?” mark appears as the “_” icon. On “English” keyboards, the “?” mark is available at the same place where you have the “_” icon on the Danish keyboard.

So, I would suggest you add the “Danish” keyboard layout and then switch the current keyboard layout to “Danish” on the computer and check if that resolves the issue. Please refer to the Microsoft Help article given below and then follow the instructions under the section “Change the keyboard layout or input method you use to type” from that article:

Change your language or keyboard

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