How to change default webcam in windows 10

I have installed Windows 10. My PC has a built in webcamera, but I don’t want that set as my default webcam. I want to set my logitech usb webcam as the default. How do I do this? Note I don’t want to uninstall or disable the internal webcam, I simply don’t want it as the default.

Method 1: If the Webcam is listed under Devices and printers, please follow the steps.

a.       Press Windows key + X.

b.      Select Control Panel.

c.       Click on Devices and Printers.

d.      Check if the Logitech webcam is listed.

e.       Right click on Logitech webcam.

f.        Click on Set this device as default.

Follow method 2 if webcam is not listed.

Method 2: What best they can do is we can disable the Internal webcam. You will be able to enable the webcam anytime you want.

Please follow the steps to disable HP Envy Webcam.

a.       Press Windows + X, click Device Manager.

b.      Click Imaging devices.

c.       Right click on  webcam.

d.      Click Disable.

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