How to: 10 Tips before installing the latest Windows 10

The following wiki article details some common tips you can use before installing Windows 10 or any future builds guaranteeing a successful installation.


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How to Prepare Your PC for a Successful Windows 10 Upgrade

If you are Performing a Clean Install by Booting from the Windows 10 install disk:

Try simplifying your configuration by keeping only your mouse and keyboard attached, that means:

  • Disconnecting multiple display monitors.
  • Remove discrete video cards, use the on-board graphics if your motherboard supports it.
  • Swap out memory modules – a RAM module might be corrupt – you can also ensure RAM sticks are installed slots 1 and 3. Your RAM modules might be corrupt, try scanning them for errors
  • If you have more than one hard disk installed, disconnect all except the target disk where Windows 10 will be installed.
  • Reset your BIOS Defaults.
  • Disconnect all external devices, since connected devices can sometimes confuse setup.

If setup is successful after performing these tasks, you can reinstall each removed component.

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