How I do a “Print screen” on Windows 10?

I’m lost on Windows 10. How I do a “Print screen” on Windows 10? Please help.

For me, when I did a Windows-Key + PrintScr key at the same time, a file is created in my Pictures\Screenshots folder (I didn’t create this folder so one presumes it’s created the first time?  So dangerous to presume things like this these days.)  In the past I’ve seen a message on the lower right hand corner of my screen that I’d hit the PrintScr button, but not any longer.  

So: folder = 


filename = 

C:\Users\Autumn\Pictures\Screenshots (1).png

C:\Users\Autumn\Pictures\Screenshots (2).png

I’m also able to press just the PrintScr key which puts the output on the clipboard to be pasted in any application I choose.  Snipping tool has always been a useful tool to me, usually because of the confusion about PrintScr

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