How do you resize photos in windows 10?

Q. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to resize photos in Windows 10.  Photo Viewer does not have the function, photos app does not have the function either.  The windows 7 method of right clicking and changing either single or batch photos is no longer there, and microsofts own support page for image resizing applies to windows 7, not windows 10. 

Resizing photos is 40% of my work, am really in a bind not being able to do so. 


You can resize the photo to the desired size through Photo Gallery app. Follow the below steps to resize the photos.

  1. Open the Start menu, type Photo gallery in the search box and click on Photo Gallery (Desktop app).
  2. Accept the agreement to install Window essentials 2012 if prompted (Enter the admin credentials if needed).
  3. Now you may open the photo location from the left navigation pane on the photo Gallery app.
  4. Select the photo and right click and select Resize.

I hope the above information helps. Kindly let us know if you need any further assistance with Windows. We are glad to assist you.

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