How do I unistall/reinstall directx on Windows 10?

I have a Linx tablet running Win10.  it was upgraded from Win8 the day Win10 was released.

On Windows 8, I had a number of older games I played without issue.  however, after upgrading to Win10. These stopped working.  the error that pops up every time is unable to initialise Direct3D.  A reboot usually fixes the issue but, if you continue to get the error, you will need to re-install Directx.

I have obviously rebooted hundreds of times without success.  I have also tried troubleshooting and searching for how’re-install it.

The problem is the only advice regards Win10 is that Directx will simply update as part of each standard windows update.

So I’m stuck.  I clearly need to uninstall directx in order I get a clean install but it is not an app and not a program I can uninstall in the control panel.  I am unable to find an uninstall tool and windows update will only assist if I can get it uninstalled.

You can’t uninstall DirectX (effectivly).

But it can be repaired by using the DirectX Redist (June 2010) installer package if there are corrupt files.

This will overwrite all DX files (except DX12).

– If you have not run the DirectX Web Installer updating tool try that first

Download DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer from Official Microsoft Download Center

Download Details – Microsoft Download Center – DirectX Redist (June 2010)

– The following is a list of the Direct X .dll’s you will have when the files are up to date.
Go to the Windows / System 32 folder, (and SysWOW64 if you have 64bit).  
They are in alphabetical order and will start with d3dx9 – 24 > 43 . Then d3dx10 – 33 > 43 & finally d3dx11 – 42 > 43.
There should also be – d3d9, d3d10 and d3d11 (among others).

These come before the D3Dcompilers – 33>47.
– Win10 currently has only two d3d 12 files. One in System 32,and SysWOW64 .
– There are more DX files, but these are most of the graphics related Direct X  .dll’s

Note – The installer download unpacks files to a location of your choice. You then open the folder

and find the DXSETP.exe  and run that to reinstall DirectX.
Once the reinstall is complete you can delete the folder the files were unpacked to.

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