How do I remove the Administrator account on Windows 10?

Upgraded to windows 10 and it sort of created a duplicate account for an administrator, and now instead of just booting up the laptop, it logs in on default to that new empty administrator account, then i have to manually switch to my own account.

The same when i try to turn the laptop off or reboot it – every time it says that someone else’s using this computer. Hiding the account with the command prompt was of no help.
For i find it extremely annoying , i tried to downgrade back to win 8.1, but the system won’t let me do that. it says that before you can switch back you should remove another user’s account you’ve created. But I did not, and I can’t remove it obviously. Is there any way to fix this?

  • First, go to the Run box (press WindowsLogo + R) and run the command NETPLWIZ
  • Make sure the checkbox is turned on, then click Apply.
  • If it is already on, turn it off and back on, then click Apply.  This is in case the registry setting is not reflecting the actual state.

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