How can I enable compatibility view in Edge?

I just upgraded to Windows 10 and now I can no longer open the web-enabled applications from work in Edge. These applications use older versions of IE. Before, in IE 11, I added my company’s web domain to the list for compatibility view and that worked fine. However, I cannot find this option in Edge anymore. 

When I search on the Internet and on this forum for compatibility view settings in Edge, I only find instructions for IE. Does anyone know if Edge can be used to properly show older IE web pages (IE 7 and higher)? Thanks!

Connecting through IE has solved one of my problems and now I can see the link to connect to my computer at work. However, I am currently getting an error now while trying to connect to Remote Web Workplace on my office’s Windows Small Business Server 2008. The error is regarding the remote desktop protocol and displays as follows:

I had previously been able to connect with RDP on this same computer using Windows 8.1. Please advise.

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