Fix high CPU usage by TiWorker.exe process in Windows 10

on my computer there’s a windows operating system called 


how do I fix this issue on windows 10 platform? 

I have tried many ways Microsoft explained but cant figure out where the settings are located on mine due to their explanations referring to windows 8 being the platform they were referring to

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*Original title: High cpu usage caused by tiworker.exe*

The TiWorker system process is related to Windows Update. This is one of the critical process included on in Microsoft Services and must not be mistaken for any malware issues. If there are any updates happening or if the computer is scanning for any update release,this system process may use resources on your computer, the reason why you see it has high CPU usage under task manager. This is completely normal. For your reference, kindly visit the link to a similar thread provided here: Windows 10 high disk usage caused by Tiworker.exe.

Come on ! Using 30% of the CPU for downloading updates, is certainly not a normal process. Mainly when it lasts hours.

At least this is clearly an inacceptable process. The computer and OS belongs to the user and the user decides what he does witha computer. This is not to any other person to decide how I have to use my computer

Therefore, there is a malfunction somewhere

One solution is to kill the process. Another one, is to undo the latest update, because some updates are bad and cause a lot of problem on the computer (they reinit some program for instance). Do not hesitate to remove some windows updates when you have problem and you will save time.

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