Error: “There was a problem resetting your PC

When trying to use the option to “Reset this PC”, and then “Remove everything” using a recovery drive, the reset failed with the error, “There was a problem resetting your PC”.  Now the PC no longer boots into Windows.  What should I do?

OK, I found a fix that worked. Format the partition with the OS (Win 10 for me) on it. Then I could finally get the other options to work. I plugged in my USB and it would finally recognize it and allow me to redo Win 10. If you still can’t get the USB to work you can check that you have the right format and if you do you can follow this.

1. make a usb/microsd/dvd boot disk of the os win10/pro etc most likely 32bit if you are having issues

2. get to recovery options

3. open command prompt

4. type notepad

5. in notepad file>open> set to show all files

6. locate your usb drive letter for example d:

7 back in command prompt type the drive letter ex : “d:” and hit enter

this will put you in your installation drive

8. type “setup” and hit enter if everything lined up your installer should run. install on top or wipe everything out like i did

i believe this will work in most cases however i still hate uefi with every fiber of my being

good luck to you all and later -Zekotetsumaru

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