Download link of windows 10 1703 version iso.

Q. I want to download Windows 10 1703 iso file. In Microsoft download site there is only 1709 iso file is available.Is there anyone have and cloud link please reply me.Because 1709 have plenty of error.


Just used this and should clarify some things…

  • From the above link, scroll down to “English” (or whatever language you want)
  • The first column of x86/x64 is for MSDN and I found it useless. The SECOND column is for “Download” which takes you to a blank page with a download button. 
  • THE DOWNLOAD BUTTON OPENS A NEW BROWSER TAB WITH A MALWARE SITE, HOWEVER, Go back to the tab with the download button and simply click it again. It will start the ISO download as intended.

The ISO seems legit at a glace, but I haven’t dug through the specific files and whatnot. I’m usually comfortable trusting links from VIP’s on this site. 

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