Device … Requires Further Installation.

Q. Many of my devices (PCI, USB, etc.) have a note in the event log stating that they “require further installation”. Has anyone any idea what “further installation” is required and how can this be accomplished ?. What does this note mean ?.

Like many other posters here I have the latest manufacturers drivers, I have the latest W-10 updates, I have run the troubleshooter (useless). Some of the devices seem to work OK, some seem to partially work.

I cannot find any information about this logged event in the MS knowledge database(s). Do I miss something?


I have seen that message a few times (when installing new builds), clicking on it just makes it go away and as I have not experienced any problem with any device, I had assumed that windows sorted itself after delivering the message. perhaps that is not the case.

On one occasion I did find something in security and maintenance, again it just required a button click.

Click Start, type security and you should see security and maintenance at the top of the list. check there for any notifications and or suggestions.

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