Desktop Window Manager High GPU Usage in Windows 10

Q. why Desktop Window Manager (dwm.exe) make high usage gpu?

when I play games or are designing 3D (all games)
dwm.exe rises to 80% or more in the usage GPU column. and make extreme fps drop …
this strange usually dwm.exe just make ram or cpu usage to be high,
but now they make my usage GPU high. but my CPU, RAM, and DISK are normal.

can you advise on this?
windows and my n-Nvidia drivers are up to date.

*Modified title for accuracy*

*Original title: Desktop Window Manager (dwm.exe) using high usage gpu?*


I’ll need more information to properly address your concern about the high CPU usage issue with the Desktop Windows Manager (DWM). Kindly verify the following:

  • What is the make and model of your computer?
  • Are you getting any error messages?
  • Are you running a specific program when the issue occurs?
  • Have you installed the latest updates for Windows 10?
  • Can you tell me the current OS Build of your Windows 10 system? Click the Start button, type About your PC, press Enter, and then scroll down to Windows specifications to find this information.

In the meantime, I advise updating your device drivers especially your display adapter driver. Your display adapter helps normalize the CPU usage of WDM. If Windows can’t find a new driver for your display adapter, you can check the device manufacturer’s support website and follow their instructions.

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