Copy speed very slow in windows 10

I have recently upgraded my laptop from windows 7 to windows 10. After upgrading, I am facing problems in Windows 10 regarding copying files & folders.

When I try to copy files from laptop to my external drives, the speed fluctuates frequently. In case of External hard disk, the copy speed reaches to 8-10 MB/s and instantly drops down to 0 byte/s. Also in case of pen drive, the copy speed reaches to 4-5 MB/s and instantly drops down to 0 byte/s. This fluctuation makes the copy operation very very slow.

What’s the problem?

Can someone provide me the solution for this?

Disabling Remote Differential Compression helped. It solved copying large files from Desktop (Win 10 Pro) to Notebook (Win 10 Home). Before disabling speed dropped very soon from 20+ MBps to 300 KBps up to stuck at copying, pausing or cancelling process. Whole network on desktop go down, even browser can’t load any pages (it isn’t slow by itself: i5 6600 with 32 GB RAM, “Killer e2200 Gigabit Ethernet Controller”) until full computer restart or 10-20 minutes waiting while “Pausing” succeed (task manager shows less than 2% CPU busy, hard drive not busy, network shows meander peaks from 0 kbps to 100 mbps, but mostly 0).

After disabling Remote Differential Compression on both sides I successfully copied folder of large files at 11+ MBps average speed. It seems this feature very bugged.

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