Chime in: Are you a fan of Windows 10 tablet mode?

Microsoft presented tablet mode in Windows 8 and constrained it upon all clients, whether or not or not they were really utilizing a tablet. It prompted changes that permitted those on work area and scratch pad to sidestep this mode and utilize the customary work area alone. Windows 10 boats with a tablet mode however it’s discretionary. Do you despite everything use it or do you see the work area experience as fine and dandy on tablets?

Forum member Hansani Archibald actually enjoyed the experience that Windows 8 brought to market and feels like the ebb and flow tablet mode to be somewhat watered down.

For me, I’m not a monstrous enthusiast of tablet mode in Windows 10 and I was never extremely attached to Windows 8 in general. While shaking the Surface all over town, I appreciate utilizing Windows 10 as the full bundle.

However, I’m available to attempting new things and if Microsoft can improve the tablet mode to include greater usefulness that bodes well for me to do the switch then I’ll joyfully give it another go. What do you use?

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