Can I transfer Windows 10 to another computer?

If I decide I want to use Windows 10 on another computer instead of this one, can I transfer it?

For right now, you can reinstall your windows 8.1 or 7, which is how I managed to get around changing out my mother board. Though you’ll need somethings to do this. (Or at least I did) 

Disclaimer: This was for a weird situation where windows locked my out of my windows account on my PC. While I’m sure this will work for getting your windows 10 back, you may have better options. Use this as a last resort.

-Formatted storage device (You might be okay if it doesn’t have an OS on it, but I used a blank drive.)

-Windows installation disk or USB drive

-Original product key that came with the version you upgraded from

So with only the formatted drive in your computer, just do a normal install of windows, and then (until windows 10 isn’t free) just do the upgrade again.

Remember to back up any files you don’t want to lose.

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