Black screen after upgrading to Windows 10

I put windows 10 on my computer. It was working fine, powered off. I switched the computer on a hour ago and I have a black screen and a mouse cursor?

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I managed to fix the issue, although it has still not activated.

But if it is of any help to others, my issue was down to my display adapter (Nvidia). I did not have the windows 10 supported latest version of the display driver installed. So broadly these are the steps I had to follow:

1. On a USB, I downloaded and created an installation of the windows 10 OS using the media creation tool

2. with the USB attached rebooted my machine

3. It should now boot into the windows installer, where you will have an option to repair the existing installation

4. Used the reset the PC tool to reinstall windows 10 again (this did not work outright for me and I had to follow some other forum answers to sort that problem out first)

5. After the reinstall, windows 10 will boot in the first time.

6. Before you do anything, go to Nvidia site and download the windows 10 compatible driver and install and midway the install windows 10 picked up the new driver and then on all was ok.

As I mentioned, my windows 10 hasn’t yet activated, so don’t know if the manner in which I fixed the issue has anything to do with that.

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