Best Windows 10 apps that use the Fluent Design System

While Microsoft has slowly added Fluent Design components to its first-party applications and parts of Windows 10, just a few engineers have embraced the new plan standard.

At the point when done effectively, including straightforwardness, dim and light modes, and utilizing drift impacts make an application lovely and present day.

You unquestionably can make an awful application that highlights Fluent Design, however there’s a solid relationship between’s the nature of applications and the time and exertion that engineers spend refreshing their applications to new structure principles.

Along these lines, you’ll likely perceive a significant number of these applications as old staples of the Microsoft Store, a considerable lot of which have been routinely refreshed since the Windows Phone days.


myTube! Is a robust application recognizable to numerous Windows clients. It brings the YouTube experience to Windows 10 and packs in highlights like Live Tile support, Compact Overlay, and then some. It’s not amazing that an application that has made the hop from Windows Phones to Windows 10 and Xbox One would utilize Fluent Design, yet that doesn’t make it less beautiful.

myTube! is accessible on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox One, and Windows Mixed Reality for $0.99.

Notwithstanding highlighting a straightforward structure, myTube! supports videos up to 8K.


Newsflow is a RSS peruser that lets you sync your perusing progress across gadgets. You can download substance to peruse in a hurry without requiring a web association and keep all your news sorted out by classes.

An ongoing update acquired Fluent Design components among different highlights. Since the application depends on perusing and taking a gander at stories, you’ll take a gander at it a lot, causing the smooth and unpretentious plan to have a greater effect.

Newsflow is accessible for nothing on Windows 10, HoloLens, and Windows 10 Mobile.


SoundByte is a significantly better looking approach to collaborate with SoundCloud when contrasted with the web. It utilizes collection craftsmanship well, has a fresh plan with regards to symbols and menus, and it utilizes Fluent Design wonderfully in both light and dull modes.

The application makes it simple to tune in to the greater part of your SoundCloud tracks and works in pretty much every Windows 10 element it can, from Cortana, to Live Tiles, to Windows Timeline.

There are some limitations of SoundByte that the engineer is open about, however these are little thumps contrasted with the general application experience.

SoundByte is accessible for nothing on Windows 10, Xbox One, and Windows Mixed Reality.


Huetro can make your home progressively appealing by controlling your brilliant lights, yet the application itself is pleasant looking also, particularly following an update from last year. For instance, when you open explicit pieces of the application, others are obscured around easily.

Huetro isn’t an application that you’ll gaze at for extremely long however it’s as yet incredible to see it utilize Fluent Design. As a Hue customer, it has an extraordinary element list incorporate component equality with the principal party Phillips Hue application in addition to disco mode just as different highlights.

The application is accessible for nothing on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, HoloLens, and Xbox One, however to completely open the application you’ll need to update for somewhere in the range of $0.99 and $4.09 relying upon what you’d like.

Mixer Go

Blender Go is a magnificent Mixer customer that made me wonder why Microsoft hadn’t bought it or made something comparative themselves. It has a considerable lot of Mixer’s highlights and encloses them by a decent looking bundle.

This is another application that is expected to be taken a gander at for quite a while, so it’s ideal to have such a perfect interface. The utilization of straightforwardness and the way that it’s a customer for a Microsoft administration cause Mixer To go mix directly in on Windows 10.

Setting the trend

It is astonishing to see structures like the ones highlighted on this rundown to be the standard instead of the exemption. Having some structure components show up over numerous applications makes hopping from application to application stream consistently.

Engineers can in any case work in a great deal of customization while joining Fluent Design and I’d love to see more application designers do this.

Which apps do you think take advantage of Fluent Design the best? Let us know in the comments below.

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