Best apps to bulk rename files on Windows 10

On the off chance that you’ve at any point taken a lot of photographs and, at that point gone to alter them on your PC, you’ve encountered figuring out the conventional document name that is created by your telephone or camera. Mass renaming records is the most effortless approach to compose these deliberately.

Mass record naming isn’t only for photographs either. Some applications are for arranging scenes of a network show or any gathering of documents that you’d like. Here are the best instruments to sort out the entirety of your records.


Filebot is the most costly section on this rundown at $19.99, however with that comes a lot of intensity and highlights. It’s planned for renaming records that are media substance, for example, motion pictures, films, TV scenes, and melodies.

You can utilize Filebot to coordinate records against TheMovieDB or TheTVDB. With that comes the capacity to supplant add scene titles to TV shows and comparable undertakings. This arrangement is amazing for in the event that you use something like Plex or Kodi on the grounds that it helps in perusing substance and playing things consequently.

Filebot has been around for quite a while and earned a strong notoriety. It’s an incredible application to take a gander at on the off chance that you are bringing more seasoned arrangements, for example, DVDs to your PC or on the off chance that you have various media documents that need renaming.

The sticker price is somewhat difficult to accept, yet on the off chance that you need Filebot to help the usefulness of your server or media playing arrangement, at that point it could well be justified, despite all the trouble.

Rename It! Pro

Rename It! Ace can rename many records in various manners. You can enter a naming plan, for example, supplanting the names of documents into an arrangement like “Wedding-Wide-001, Wedding-Wide-002” or you can import record names from a book record.

This subsequent choice is incredible for on the off chance that somebody has separated film and placed in a key or glossary of the substance. For instance, I have several hours of family films to experience from my adolescence and my father has them all timestamped. I could utilize Rename It! Master to rename records after I cleave of the recording.

It’s accessible for $1.49 on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.


Record Renamer is a free application that accompanies a great deal of intensity. It permits you to add dates to records, rename them with text, supplant text with a cycle number, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Most importantly it gives you a great deal of control with regards to including and supplanting record names and doesn’t place a scratch in your wallet.

It’s accessible for nothing on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, and HoloLens.

Default File Explorer

While there aren’t group renaming apparatuses incorporated with Windows 10, you can utilize the File Explorer to do essential renaming. On the off chance that you should simply rename a cluster of records into a naming structure like “Football(1), Football(2)” at that point you can choose all the documents immediately and name them something very similar.

Windows 10 will acknowledge you’ve named various records something very similar and include numbers toward the finish of each so you don’t have copies.

This is not even close as amazing as the alternatives recorded above however could be helpful in explicit utilization cases.

Over to you

Choosing which mass renamer to utilize relies to a great extent upon what you need them for. In case you’re a picture taker you should look towards Rename It! Expert and File-Renamer however in case you’re utilizing a media server or need to list recordings, you should look at Filebot.

How to you ensure that your records are composed and named accurately? Do you utilize a program, alter them by hand, or simply stay with the default naming plans from your sources?

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