Bass boost options for windows 10

I am trying in vain to find a way to boost my bass on my 4mth old pc and i’m not getting any closer to the sound i want. There is no app i can find to fill this function which was totally removed in Win 10. I am using a headset (Steelseries) and want more bass and less treble than is allowed on the average pc.

I would prefer not to be forced to use third party apps for this as i find it hard to trust unknown websites for a quality app. Anyone has any info on whether this will be resolved internally or can anyone tell me of a bass boost that is just install and go.

You can very easily customize/enhance the Bass or Treble depending on your taste. 

Go to -> Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Sound -> Select/Click playback device (which you want to customize) ->Click on properties -> Go to Enhancement tab -> Select Bass boost option -> Click on Settings.

You will get a pop-up which has option to select Frequency & Boost level. It is here where you can customize the bass and treble settings.

Lower frequency levels represents Bass, whereas higher frequency level represents treble. If you select a lower frequency value and set the boost level to a higher value for that frequency, your device bass will improve.

Similarly, if you set a higher boost level for a high frequency value, it will enhance treble for the device.

This worked very well for me. Select frequency as 50 Hz and Boost level as 24 dB. Click on OK -> Click on apply.

You may want to customize other frequency as well to find a sound suitable to your taste.

Make sure that you have checked the Bass Boost option.


Right click your volume icon in the lower right corner of your screen, select “Playback devices”, and click the device with a green check mark. Then click “Configure”. Follow the prompt until you reach a screen that says something about “Full-Range Speakers” and check the first box. Finish the configuration and you should be good to go!

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