Asus Laptop Stuck in Aptio Setup Utility

Q. I have an Asus x200m that randomly froze on me. I shut it down and started it back up and now I am stuck in the Aptio Setup Utility. I’ve tried everything and am still stuck on this menu and can’t boot up. Any suggestions?


  1. Select the Boot menu in the Aptio setup utility, select ‘Launch CSM’, and change to enable.
  2. Select the Security menu n the Aptio setup utility, select ‘secure Boot Control’, and change to disable.
  3. Select Save & Exit and press ‘yes’.
  4. Hold down the power button until the unit switches power off completely.
  5. Switchback on and continually press the F9 button for about ten seconds; this should now allow the unit to boot up into the Windows Recovery menu.
  6. Select ‘Advanced Start-Up’ and wait until the recovery menu appears.
  7. Select ‘ Advanced Options’.
  8. Select ‘System Restore’ and select a date prior to when the problem occurred.

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