Assetizr review: The easiest way to resize images on Windows 10

When managing pictures and plans, you regularly need to resize them to fit into web compositions, printed pieces, or different materials. While numerous photograph altering programs permit you to send out pictures into various sizes, Assetizr makes it simple to resize prior pictures.

I discovered Assetizr incredibly simple and effective. I was likewise agreeably shocked by a portion of its highlights, for example, the programmed refreshing of your resized picture inside the File Explorer each time you roll out an improvement. This diminishes mess and shows a tender loving care from the designers.

The application is accessible for $9.89 on Windows 10, yet you can snatch it for nothing on the off chance that you demonstration rapidly.

Simple sizing

The best quality about Assetizr is that it’s dead easy to utilize. At the point when you open the application you’re given a spotless dim window that you would then be able to drag pictures into or add pictures to through select records. You can have the same number of pictures as you’d like inside the window and can resize them by tapping the here and there bolts or composing in your ideal fare size.

You can resize a picture and furthermore send out it in different document designs. For instance, I manage a ton of logos for realistic plans. With Assetizr, I can take a PNG with a straightforward foundation and convert it to a JPEG. This lone works a single way, however. You can’t change over a JPEG into a PNG utilizing Assetizr.

You can utilize Assetizr to make different fares from a similar source picture. This makes it simple to take a similar source picture and make JPEGs, PNGs or WEBP documents of different sizes. I love that when you change the size of a picture you’d like sent out, Assetizr naturally refreshes the traded record inside the File Explorer.

This clears up mess by ensuring you don’t have various renditions put away in light of the fact that you changed the size you needed. In the event that you need various fares you can in any case do that by including more beneath any source picture.

A few missing features

I’m commonly a major devotee of Assetizr yet there are a couple of easily overlooked details I’d prefer to see improved. To start with, I’d like the engineer to add a choice to trade JPEGs as PNGs.

It’s a genuinely basic undertaking to take a picture with an unadulterated white foundation and transform it into a PNG. Including this capacity would be a major lift to Assetizr, and it’s frustrating that it isn’t accessible at this point.

I’d likewise like the choice to shroud pictures that I’ve resized. On the off chance that you erase a picture that you’re resizing inside Assetizr it likewise erases the traded picture in your File Explorer.

I don’t know whether this is a direct result of coding limitations yet I’d at any rate like the choice to conceal past pictures without erasing sent out records. Right now, to keep these pictures you’d need to duplicate them from your Assetizr organizer and glue them elsewhere.

Simple, yet effective

Assetizr is an unquestionable requirement have device for individuals who habitually need to resize pictures. It has a perfect structure, straightforward interface, and it works well overall. I’d prefer to see it increase a couple of more choices like changing over JPEGs to PNGs, however even in its present organization, it’s anything but difficult to suggest.

The application is accessible for under $10 which is sensible on the off chance that you use it all the time. On the off chance that you figure out how to get it with the expectation of complimentary when it’s marked down, I don’t perceive any reason why you shouldn’t in any event check out it.


  • Simple to use
  • Works smoothly
  • Updates files to limit clutter
  • Free


  • Limited options for some file formats
  • Lacks option to hide images you’ve resized within the app

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