App tiles disappeared from windows 10 start menu

The tiles have disappeared from my Windows 10 Start menu

Thank you for your prompt response and I do apologise for my delayed reply.

I have been unable to follow either of your suggested methods 1 or 2. I am running Windows 10 and the task manager does not display a file button so am unable to follow your instruction.

Further to my initial question re missing app tiles may be a misunderstanding on my part. Before upgrading to Windows 10 I was using 8.1. When turning on my computer it automatically loaded and populated the screen with tiles for each nominated app.

That does not happen with Windows 10 instead only my background image, taskbar across the bottom of the screen displaying pinned apps and vertically along the left side of the screen selected app buttons.

Only after pressing the Windows button on either the keyboard or taskbar do the apps tiles populate the screen. Is this the way Windows 10 is meant to function?

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