APC Index Mismatch- Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

Q. I started my PC, but as I was looking at my e-mails my pc went to a blue screen but not a BSOD, a Microsoft regular blue screen that told me there was an problem and Windows needs to restart to fix the problem. It gave me the info on the problem as APC Index Mismatch.

I looked up this error and suspected from the info that maybe one of my drivers was either poorly written for the Windows 10 upgrade or not up to date. I checked the drivers on all my hardware and updated only my soundcard. It wasn’t for the driver either.

only the software was updated. All my drivers are up to date. I’m not sure what cused the error but I did copy the dmp files from windows just in case I have to call Microsoft on this problem. Has anyone else run into this with Windows 10 pro 64bit?


Ever since the creator’s “update” my Surface Book crashes whenever I dock or undock it. I’ve reported the problem in the Feedback Hub but it looks like this thread is going to be my only resource. Attached is a photo of the BSOD I get. Any help would be appreciated.

I’ve tried:

 – Safe Mode: still occurs after I boot normally

 – These are the latest drivers that I am aware of (using “Update Driver” in device manager)

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