Acer Predator XN253Q X review: A 1080p TN gaming monitor with blistering speed

Acer’s Predator XN253Q X is a 24.5-inch TN gaming screen with some slobber commendable specs for any serious gamer out there. In any case, it may be less appealing to the easygoing client who spots shading and complexity on a higher platform.

I’ve been utilizing this screen throughout the previous not many weeks during all gaming meetings to see where it exceeds expectations and where it misses the mark.

What I love about the Acer Predator XN253Q X

Designs cards (GPU) and processors (CPU) are more remarkable than any time in recent memory, and numerous individuals are moving up to 1440p, and even 4K screens for gaming purposes.

Be that as it may, to benefit from mid-run equipment — particularly in the serious esports classification — 1080p is as yet an incredible method to raise outlines per-second (FPS) for a smooth encounter.

What’s more, when you join top of the line equipment with a 1080p showcase, it would be wise to have some elite specs to keep up. That is actually where the Acer Predator XN253Q X is situated.

The Predator XN253Q X has some unmistakable gamer interpretations, however it’s not all that weighed down with them that it gets unsavory. The plastic back has a brushed metal look with angled venting, there’s a red joystick for the on-screen show (OSD) route, and there’s a recessed segment along the base for ports and force.

There are two more USB ports as an afterthought for associating extras. The stand is the most adapted part, with a three-pronged metal base, precise link pattern, and Predator logo on the top and base. An earphone holder flips out of the back stand, however I didn’t generally utilize it due to the situating.

A great deal of TN screens originate from the manufacturing plant watching cleaned out, and the Predator XN253Q X was in a comparable situation (however maybe less so than others I’ve encountered).

I played a couple of games without contacting anything and wasn’t fulfilled, however subsequent to altering gamma and complexity, it subsided into a considerably more agreeable picture.

The OSD is anything but difficult to explore with the joystick, and there are a liberal measure of tweakable settings inside. No issues there.

The Acer Predator XN253Q X’s high-end specs make games feel incredibly easy to control.

I in the end utilized a DataColor SpyderX Pro colorimeter to test proliferation and brilliance. The screen arrived at 95% sRGB, 73% AdobeRGB, and 76% DCI-P3. Concerning splendor, it hit a limit of 427 nits and got down to 76 nits.

Since you’re no uncertainty not going to game outside, this splendor joined with the matte completion ought to be all that anyone could need to battle off glare.

What I dislike about Acer’s Predator XN253Q X

Playing increasingly easygoing, true to life games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition simply didn’t have a similar intrigue as some different screens in my office because of the size, difference, and shade of the XN253Q X.

This is a better than expected TN board in the two last terms. All things considered, darks simply aren’t as profound, and hues simply aren’t as dynamic as you’d see from a decent VA or IPS screen.

Also, at 24.5 inches, you may before long be wanting a bigger picture in case you’re more into true to life encounters than high-paced serious activity.

Should you buy the Acer Predator XN253Q X?

I’m as yet not actually sold on screens with incredibly high invigorate rates — I’m more on the easygoing side of things, particularly as far as my PC’s equipment — yet in the wake of utilizing the Predator XN253Q X for a little while, I can perceive any reason why serious gamers can’t survive without. Games simply feel unique, and returning down to a lower invigorate rate is a recognizable change.

This screen performs extraordinarily well, because of G-Sync and ULMB. Despite the fact that shading and differentiation are nearly not as amazing as IPS or VA, it’s not something you’ll truly see once you’re into some excited activity. For a TN board, it’s conceivable above what you may anticipate.

What’s more, in case you’re increasingly intrigued by an easygoing gaming experience or feel like 144Hz is such’s required, there are a lot of comparatively estimated gaming screens with bigger screens and better shading and difference accessible.

On the off chance that you love the Predator line, look at the XB271HU 27-inch screen with QHD goal, IPS board, 144Hz revive rate, and G-Sync similarity for about $500.

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