Acer Nitro NHW820 review: This budget gaming headset still costs more than it’s worth

Acer’s Nitro arrangement of gaming PCs is supplemented by various gaming embellishments, comparatively marked to coordinate. That incorporates the Nitro NHW820 headset, with over-ear cups, customizable headband, and single 3.5 mm input.

It’s on the lower end of the value go at about $40 — gaming headsets easily get into the many dollars — so there are a few deficiencies. How about they investigate whether it’s a decent expansion to your gaming work area dependent on sound and plan.

What you’ll love about Acer’s Nitro headset

The Nitro headset is light and made fundamentally of dark plastic, with red accents on the earcups and running along the head of the band. It’s not excessively cumbersome and it keeps things basic, with no RGB lights or included accessories that cause it to appear as though it may be worth very much more cash.

The band pulls out about an inch on the two sides to make the earphones greater, and the augmentations stay strong.

The headset appears as though it was intended for enormous heads like mine, and I didn’t have any requirement for the augmentations; remember that in case you’re on the littler side.

On the left cup is a pivoting mouthpiece that can be set up when not being used. Down, it sits in an appropriate position and can be minorly balanced gratitude to a pliant arm.

You don’t deal with precisely where the mic sits as certain headsets offer, yet there’s sufficient to get the mic close. Voice comes through boisterous and clear, and it doesn’t get a lot of foundation clamor.

What you’ll dislike about Acer’s Nitro headset

Sound is the most significant piece of a headset, and here I have an inclination that it fizzles. Sound is clear and the volume goes higher than it needs to for a great many people. Yet, generally speaking it’s empty sounding.

The headset is exceptionally light and planned as a spending piece, so impeccable sound isn’t generally expected, however I’ve tried less expensive earphones that had much better solid. It’s absolutely usable, yet in case you’re acclimated with profound blasts and crunchy strides, these will probably baffle.

The other issue is identified with the link. Rather than being meshed for additional sturdiness, the one here is a grippy kind of plastic, the stuff utilized ordinarily with earphones. It’s not close to as sturdy, and it effectively tangles, yet at any rate it’s around six feet long.

There’s likewise no consideration of an inline far off, a typical component on gaming headsets. It’s a pleasant component to have, however it’s not one that is going to wreck your gaming stream when precluded. While I missed a far off here, there are consistently console or mouse alternate routes for sound control.

Should you buy Acer’s Nitro gaming headset?

On the off chance that you like the possibility of a preservationist headset without pointless lighting, without additional mass, and without an inline far off (some favor the absence of additional load on the link), Acer’s Nitro will fill the job. It’s not as costly as a ton of headsets, but at the same time it’s not the least expensive.

Realize that you’ll have the option to locate a less expensive headset with as great or better solid, with so much or additionally cushioning around the ears, with an increasingly strong development, and with some additional highlights, similar to an inline far off or, in any event, some implicit controls.

So except if something about this headset truly gets you, no, you likely won’t have any desire to get it. Go with some less expensive and better, similar to Onikuma’s K6 gaming headset.

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