Acer Nitro 50 review: Budget 1080p gaming with its share of drawbacks

Acer is notable in the domain of spending PCs, both PC and work area. Its Nitro 50 pinnacle line guarantees gaming execution at a modest cost, and there are accessible Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA equipment choices.

There survey unit, model number N50-100-UR11, has inside an AMD Ryzen R5 2500X processor (CPU), 8 GB of single-channel DDR4 RAM, a 1 TB hard plate drive (HDD), and a Radeon RX 580X illustrations card (GPU) with 4 GB of GDDR5 VRAM.

It’s on the less expensive finish of the Nitro 50 range — there are a few models with Intel Core i5 with NVIDIA illustrations that cost less — at about $900. They should investigate whether it merits the cost, and whether it’s removed to be your next PC.

Acer Nitro 50 technical specifications

OSWindows 10 Home
ProcessorAMD Ryzen R5 2500X
Up to 4.0 GHz
Four cores
RAM8 GB DDR4-2666MHz
Storage1 TB 7,200RPM
GraphicsAMD Radeon RX 580X
MotherboardAMD B450 chipset
USB-C 3.1
USB-A 3.1
SD card reader
3.5 mm audio and mic
Two USB-A 3.1
Four USB-A 2.0
Three DisplayPort
Optical driveDVD writeable
Power supply500 W
Dimensions13.4 inches x 6.4 inches x 13.8 inches
(340.36 mm x 162.56 mm x 350×52 mm)

Acer Nitro 50 design and features

The Nitro 50’s thin case helps me to remember Lenovo’s 2017 Legion pinnacles, with a lit chevron on the front and generally structure that appears as though it may out of nowhere change into something different.

It’s made essentially from plastic and aluminum, keeping a dark shading with some red vents on the front. Something else, there’s a little Acer logo at the top and a littler Nitro logo at the base.

The top’s inclined spread would make a decent spot for a handle, yet it’s only a plain square that holds a power button.

Inside the red-highlighted vents on the front there is a SD card peruser, USB-C and USB-A ports, and 3.5 mm jacks for sound and mouthpiece. I deplored the need USB-C in a portion of Lenovo’s 2018 PCs, similar to the Legion C730 Cube, so it’s an invite expansion here that will help the Nitro 50 cling to its importance.

The metal back of the little case is taken up generally by venting for the case fan, the force flexibly unit (PSU) fan, and more ports. You get a lot of USB-A (2.0 and 3.1), Ethernet, 3.5 mm jacks for sound, and, contingent upon the GPU, DisplayPort, and HDMI.

You’ll require a Philips-head screwdriver to get the vented side board off for certain updates, cleaning, or tweaking.

It is ideal to have in any event two or three hand screws outwardly, yet it coordinates the equipment inside that is safely secured down.

There’s not a great deal of space to move around inside, an issue aggravated by the front optical drive sticking out into the way and a metal plate stretching out to cut off about portion of the open case.

To get at the single stick of RAM that comes introduced — why not utilize two of the four channels as opposed to a solitary channel? — You’d need to unplug the optical drive.

On the opposite side, it would seem that the powerful CPU cooler may impede the fourth opening. With respect to capacity, the HDD is darted to the side of the case, and there’s no additional space to include a SSD later.

Acer’s AMD B450 chipset motherboard is a little advance up in the course of the last-gen B350 and truly not a terrible decision for a spending unit. Link the executives is kind of non-existent, with most going directly from the board to the applicable bit of equipment. A few links are zip-attached to the case while others coast, yet I don’t think this is implied as a PC for flaunting equipment.

A spending plan Lite-On PSU useful for up to 500 W is stuck into the top corner, with a case fan just underneath that. Alongside the CPU cooler fan, the PC remains moderately calm when lingering, however you will see somewhat of a moan when under burden. For whatever length of time that you’re not gaming without sound, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Acer Nitro 50 gaming and VR

Testing AMD equipment is consistently fun, and I was happy with what the section level Ryzen R5 2500X CPU and Radeon RX 580X brought to the table.

I tried a couple of present day titles at 1080p, and keeping in mind that you won’t serenely be playing Battlefield V on High or Ultra settings, it’s despite everything going to convey a smooth involvement in stable casings at lower settings.

It would have been ideal to see double channel RAM directly from the industrial facility, however at any rate there’s the chance to include all the more later as long as you wouldn’t fret working in the confined space.

Acer Nitro 50 general performance

The Nitro 50 is equipped for a strong 1080p gaming experience, but on the other hand it’s a not too bad PC for general profitability errands; the quad-center CPU is effectively fit for performing multiple tasks, and DDR4 RAM keeps things chugging along.

The drawbacks here are the moderate HDD and the measure of bloatware that comes pre-introduced.

Truly, it’s there to eliminate the expense of the PC, yet when you include shopping applications, Acer applications, Acer games, and the customary Windows 10 poo applications, the Start menu starts to gaze very stopped up upward. Include a lapsed Norton Antivirus scrutinizing each choice I make while attempting to set up the PC, and it gets somewhat tedious.

Should you buy Acer’s Nitro 50?

Acer realizes how to assemble a spending PC, and in many respects, the Nitro 50 line is a better than average approach to get your hands on 1080p gaming controlled by AMD.

It’s a little PC that doesn’t have extravagant lighting or clear survey windows, extraordinary for those who’d quite recently like something that can sit under a work area and carry out its responsibility.

It has an amazing port choice, including USB-C, and an optical drive is there for any individual who despite everything likes to copy DVDs (I realize you’re out there).

The individuals who need to dabble and overhaul their PC with perhaps the best graphics cards after buy could certainly do better, as this one doesn’t appear to have been intended to be too easy to understand.

And keeping in mind that it self control your games, the trudging HDD and measure of pre-introduced bloatware may make them pull out your hair while going about ordinary undertakings.

Need a few proposals on where to go if this isn’t exactly what you’re searching for? Make certain to look at our general picks for the best pre-built gaming PCs.

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