A look at running older versions of Microsoft Office on Windows 10


Bill Gates once said you could purchase a license for a version of any software from Microsoft and never have to purchase another version. It is the responsibility of the company to make newer releases more enticing by adding further value through improved features and functionality. Microsoft Office has been one of the company’s biggest successes.

For over 20 years, the organization has discharged new updates with exceptional highlights that make it a tempting redesign. Simultaneously, there are clients who begin to look all starry eyed at an update and never choose to redesign again, just in light of the fact that that rendition is adequate.

Since Microsoft reported the dispatch of Windows 10, a great deal of people are asking, if the permit for the rendition of Microsoft Office they own will take a shot at the new form of Windows. In this article, we’ll discover.


Update: Microsoft recently updated the requirements for running Microsoft Office on the Windows 10. Starting with Windows 10, version 10 1607 or later, Office 2007 is no longer certified compatible.

This does not mean you can’t run Office 2007 on Windows 10; as evidenced by the fact that versions as old as Office 95 still work on Windows 10, you should still be able to install and use it. It is possible future updates and revisions to Windows 10 might break the suite or functionality might no longer work.

Source: Which forms of Office work with Windows 10? – Microsoft Office

Which versions of Microsoft Office are officially supported Windows 10?

The accompanying forms of Microsoft Office with the most recent Service Packs have been affirmed to be perfect with Windows 10:

  • Office 2019 or Office 365 subscriptions
  • Office 2016
  • Office 2013
  • Office 2010 (exception Office Starter 2010)

More established variants of Office, for example, Office 2007, Office 2003 and Office XP are not confirmed good with Windows 10 however may work with or without similarity mode.

If it’s not too much trouble know that Office Starter 2010 isn’t upheld. You will be incited to evacuate it before the update begins.

Is Office included for free with Windows 10?

No, work area Office 2016/Office 365 or any earlier form won’t be free. Microsoft Office Team has built up an uncommon touch streamlined form of Microsoft Office for Tablets running Windows 10. This will be a free restricted usefulness adaptation gear towards fundamental altering in Tablet mode. It needs a significant number of the abilities of work area Office. You can download it from the store.

UPDATE: The Touch Optimized versions of office

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What about older versions of the suite though, such as Office 2000, Office XP (2002) and Office 2003?

As of late I went over an article by noted Windows specialist Paul Thurrott examining an ongoing Twitter bother from Gabe Aul (Engineering General Manager for Data and Fundamentals group in Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group) indicating a vintage rendition of the suite; Office for Windows 95 running on Windows 10.

I thought this was intriguing to realize that multi year old programming runs fine and dandy on the most recent form of Windows. Discussion about presenting your speculations!

With a volume of inquiries on the Windows 10 Reservation gathering asking whether their Office 2000, 2003 or XP rendition is good; I chose to do so some test for clients who might want to know.

In this way, I went in the carport and searched for those precise to give them a shot on Windows 10. In view of Gabe Aul’s screen capture, we can essentially affirm Office 95 and Office 97 will probably run.

On the off chance that I have the opportunity, I will refresh this article and check out those adaptations sometime in the not too distant future.


All three versions started setup nicely with exception for Office 2000 setup which presented an error message during the install:

Error 1904. Module C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files(System\OLE DB\MSOLAP.DLL failed to register. HRESULT -2148024714 Contact yoru support support personnel.

I instantly clicked Ignore two or multiple times and arrangement finished effectively. Later forms, for example, Office XP and Office 2003 never gave any issues. It would be ideal if you note, I didn’t make any adjustments to arrangement, for example, similarity mode, they all ran and introduced with no issue.

Testing Office programs

All apps with the exception of Outlook ran great on Windows 10. I was able to open, create and save documents in all versions of apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher.

Viewpoint 2000 required utilizing similarity mode to run appropriately, it continued slamming each time I propelled it. So that is something to remember. Oulook 2002 never gave any issues whatsoever and ran effectively with no alterations.

Viewpoint 2003 was another story, I attempted similarity mode and it appear to aggravate it. Along these lines, in the event that you rely upon Outlook, you ought to consider moving up to a later form, for example, Outlook 2007 or 2013.

You will get the accompanying mistake with respect to the custom word reference when you dispatch Publisher 98. Aside from that, it works and capacities fine and dandy:


This was not a thorough test, apps like FrontPage or OneNote were not evaluated. Core apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher work just fine on Windows 10. By the way, I used Windows 10 64 bit, so users won’t have to worry about compatibility issues with this architecture.

It remains to be seen if future updates to Windows might break the suite. I will say, I used the RTM versions of each suite. So, I would recommend users of these versions make sure the latest Service Packs, updates and security updates are applied.

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