2064 Read Only Memories for Xbox One review: A thoughtful and compelling experience

From the great film Blade Runner to the widely praised Deus Ex game arrangement, cyberpunk sci-fi has consistently been a staple in media outlets. Their brand name blend of high mechanical headway with an imperfect society makes an ideal canvas for rich narrating.

2064 Read Only Memories, a new Xbox One point-and-click narrative game, continues this genre’s legacy strongly. Its story, joined with the title’s marvelous visual tasteful and its phenomenal soundtrack, gives an exceptional encounter that will remain in your psyche long after the credits roll.

Story and setting: 46 years in the future

It is 2064, and humankind has gained broad ground into the fields of quality treatment and man-made consciousness. Many have used new innovation so as to alter their DNA and become “hybrids”, or transformed people, while others (known as Human Revolution gathering) restrict this and accept that we are losing what makes us human.

So as to help the two people and half and halves in everyday life, the legislature made Relationship Organizational Managers (or ROMs). ROMs are worked to reenact human feelings and characteristics, however are not really conscious.

Though ROMs do their best to hold society together, the contention between the cross breeds and Human Revolution development start to arrive at a breaking point.

You assume responsibility for an anonymous battling writer in the city of Neo San Francisco. In the night, an exceptional ROM considered Turing enters your condo and requests your help with finding an old companion named Hayden who has disappeared.

Hayden works for the organization Parallax, which structures and fabricates ROMs; as Turing calls attention to, the somebody like that being caught is conceivably perilous.

It’s a profound account, and fortunately, 2064 takes as much time as necessary and recounts to its story well through extraordinary pacing and substantial tender loving care. This all meets up to make a staggeringly intriguing encounter.

Gameplay: Point-and-click mechanics

2064 is for the most part played through like a visual novel. You can choose different things in rooms so as to become familiar with them and your general surroundings, yet the experience is “on rails”. This isn’t awful, however, in light of the fact that the organized pacing takes into account the composition to sparkle brilliant.

Where the game begins to lose some marshal is in the structure of the riddles. In spite of the fact that they are fascinating and offer a lot of important world structure, the riddles are on the whole rather shortsighted and simple to explain.

Presentation: Perfectly pleasing

While numerous cyberpunk universes embrace a grounded, despairing methodology, 2064 breaks business as usual desire and is rather a dynamic and brilliant world. The old fashioned pixel illustrations truly fit this plan, and it’s only all around a delight to take a gander at.

Obviously, the visuals don’t get the entirety of the commendation. 2064 wouldn’t be the equivalent without its cheery and snappy score, which goes about as an ideal background to the happy Neo San Francisco. Furthermore, the setting gets intense on occasion, and 2064 has the ideal tracks for those minutes, as well.

2064 for Xbox One conclusion

Despite the fact that its riddles are average, 2064 more than compensates for it with its wonderfully rich narrating, excellent tasteful, and engaging melodic score.


  • Fantastic cyberpunk setting.
  • Well written story.
  • Great presentation.


  • Mediocre puzzles

2064 Read Only Memories is accessible now on Xbox One for $19.99.

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