10 tips and tricks to make you a Cortana pro on Windows 10

Putting aside all the features included in Windows 10, Cortana is perhaps the best cause to move up to the new OS. Microsoft’s digital assistant, which was initially presented on cell phones, presently has its own space in the taskbar, and It helps you with most daily tasks to make you more productive.

Cortana is always ready to help you find anything on your PC, track your packages consequently, give you accurate weather information, and ensure you don’t miss any important appointments. However, there are other things you can do with an assistant to make you more productive, and in this guide, we’ll list ten tips and tricks you may not know for your Windows 10 PC.

Cortana tips and tricks

1.Perform specific search queries

Indeed, obviously, you can type anything on the taskbar search box, and Cortana will bring the most significant indexed lists. In any case, it’ll return significant outcomes for various classifications, including from Bing, organizers, records, applications, and settings – everything in a small canvas – when you probably already know that you’re searching for a specific document type or setting.

In the event that you need to limit your outcomes and quest for something explicit, you can attempt to do a pursuit determining the sort of search you’d prefer to do utilizing various channels, like the ones you would use on an internet searcher.

search queries

In the search box you can type queries like the examples below:

  • Apps: Edge
  • Settings: Display
  • Documents: Windows 10
  • Folders: Work
  • Photos: Cat
  • Videos: Vacation
  • Music: Rolling Stones
  • Web: Windows 10 new features

As should be obvious in the models above, you initially indicate the sort of search class, trailed by a colon and the term you need to forestall Cortana from conveying superfluous outcomes.

In ongoing updates, you can likewise see that as you begin composing a question, various choices show up at the head of the outcomes on Cortana letting you refine your hunt, however for the individuals who type quicker than they can move the mouse will value sifting results physically.

On the other hand, as you do a hunt, you can likewise tap the title of the gathering results to get a progressively explicit inquiry.

2. Track packages manually

Another intriguing and notable element in Cortana is the capacity to examine your messages from accounts designed in the Mail application to recognize dispatching data, which the colleague can consequently add to its Notebook and to advise you about its present status and assessed appearance.

Nonetheless, in case you’re expecting a bundle that another person purchased for you or in the event that you made a buy utilizing an email account that isn’t designed in your Mail application, Cortana won’t have the option to follow the bundle naturally. Luckily, you can add a following ID physically to empower Cortana to watch out for your bundle from bolstered transporters, including UPS, FedEx, and DHL, and from upheld retailers, for example, Amazon.com, Microsoft Store, eBay, Target, Apple, and Walmart.

Here’s how you can quickly start tracking a package:

  • Use the Windows key + S to open Cortana.
  • Type the tracking ID of the package.
  • Once Cortana approves the data, click Track your package.

Alternatively, a more accurate way to track a package is using the following steps:

  • Use the Windows key + S to open Cortana.
  • Click the Notebook button in the navigation pane.
  • Scroll down and click Packages.
  • Make sure the Package tracking cards option is turned on.
track your package
  • Click Add a package.
  • Enter the following data and click the result to add the ID appropriately.
  • Click Save to complete.

When the data is in the Notebook, each time you open Cortana, you will see a card with the most recent status of the bundle.

3. Turn off card notifications you don’t need

Microsoft has added and keeps on including various approaches to make Cortana increasingly valuable, yet that thickness can rapidly get overpowering. For instance, you could most likely be a major avid supporter, however you may no think especially about fund.

As a matter of course, Cortana surfaces a wide range of themes, including sports, inclining news, films and TV, scholastic, and different things. In the event that you need to make your Cortana experience progressively customized, you can without much of a stretch mood killer cards that you would prefer not to see.

  • Use the Windows key + S to open Cortana.
  • Click the Notebook icon from the navigation pane.
  • Open the category you’re not interested in (e.g. Finance).
  • In the settings page, simply toggle the option to turn off the card.
turn off finance option
  • Repeate the same step for each topic you don’t want Cortana to track.

It’s worth to bring up that most cards can likewise be tweaked. For instance, you can open the News card, and just mood killer the subjects you would prefer not to see, and you can likewise add new things to follow.

Another model: On Eat & Drink, you can redo the recurrence the colleague gives food and drink related proposals, and alter feel, cooking inclination, valuing, separation, and the sky is the limit from there.

4. Create location-based reminders

Cortana is tied in with following and helping you to remember significant occasions, and on the grounds that the associate works across gadgets, you can set it to remind you to accomplish something at explicit areas on your PC and get reminded on your telephone. For instance, you can say Hey Cortana: Next time I’m at the mall, remind me to buy a new sweater.

At that point whenever, when you’re at that specific area, Cortana will fly in your telephone the suggestion to get another sweater, despite the fact that you have made the update on your PC.

5. Create person-based reminders

Similarly, you can make area based updates. You can likewise set Cortana to help you to remember anything when you’re going to converse with a specific individual in your contact list. For instance, you can say Hey Cortana: Next time I talk to John, remind me to ask him to buy the drinks for the party.

At that point next time you are going to call that specific individual or when you get a call from them, in any event, when sending an instant message, Cortana will pop the update.

Remember that while Cortana works across stages, individual based updates at present works with Windows gadgets.

6. Use Cortana for technical support

For beginners, Cortana can likewise offer section level specialized help, simply pose inquiries like the models you see underneath:

  • How would I install a printer?
  • How would I project my screen?
  • How would I change my background?
  • How would I update Windows?
  • How would I make a backup?
  • How would I change default apps?

While you can ask Cortana for all intents and purposes anything, numerous answers will just be changed over into Bing search inquiries or they will guide you to a Microsoft bolster page. In any case, posing explicit inquiries as you see above, you may likewise observe the directions directly in the Cortana application.

7. Use Cortana as your personal translator

You don’t need to open your internet browser and utilize an online interpreter. Cortana can without much of a stretch decipher a wide assortment of dialects directly from the pursuit box – where accessible, you likewise get a play catch to peruse the interpretation at uproarious.

To utilize the interpretation highlight, open Cortana, type “decipher” trailed by the word or state and the name of the language you need the substance deciphered, and hit Enter. For instance, Translate Hello to Spanish. Or then again you can likewise say Hey Cortana: How do I say Hello in French.

8. Cortana keyboard shortcuts

Like essentially with each component in Windows, Microsoft is additionally including a couple of console easy routes to cooperate with Cortana, including:

  • Windows key + C keyboard shortcut to open Cortana in listening mode.
  • Windows key + S keyboard shortcut to open Cortana home screen directly into typing search mode. Alternatively, you can also use the * *Windows key + Q** keyboard shortcut.

9. Send an SMS text message from your PC using Cortana

Is it accurate to say that you are truly occupied and away from your telephone when you have to send a significant instant message? Forget about it, Cortana can send the message for you.

  • Use the Windows key + S to open Cortana.
  • Type Send a text to followed by the name of the person in your contact list and press Enter.
  • Type your text message in the provided box and click Send.
type message

On the other hand, you can basically say: Hey Cortana: Send text and adhere to the on-screen guidelines.

Cortana’s capacity to send a SMS relies upon the data in your contact list. On the off chance that the telephone number for the individual you need to send the message isn’t in the contact data, you’ll have to open the People application and update their telephone number data before you can communicate something specific.

When you hit the Send button, Cortana will match up the content to your telephone, and it will send the SMS through your telephone to the beneficiary.

10. Improve Cortana voice recognition

Some of the time, in case you’re not a local speaker of the language arrangement on Windows 10, Cortana may make some enthusiastically memories attempting to get you. On occasion, the collaborator may not react to “Hello Cortana” voice order.

To improve Cortana voice acknowledgment there are two things you can do:

The principal thing you can do is to modify Windows 10 discourse settings to help Cortana perceive non-local accents.

  • Use the Windows key + I to open the Settings app.
  • Click Time & language.
  • Click Speech.
  • Check the Recognize non-native accents for this language option.

The second thing you can do is to change the settings to let the right hand just response to you and letting get familiar with your voice.

  • Use the Windows key + S to open Cortana.
  • Click the Notebook button from the left pane.
  • Click Settings.
  • Scroll and on Hey Cortana settings, under “Respond best”, enable the To me option by clicking the Learn my voice button.
  • Click Start to begin the training.

Subsequent to changing these settings, Cortana will have the option to answer all the more precisely to your voice orders and better comprehend your intonation in case you’re not a local speaker of the language.

Wrapping things up

While in this guide, we go over various tips and deceives you can use with your own associate, recollect that you can generally ask Cortana “help” or snap the question mark (?) button in the left sheet of the application to get to a rundown of things you can do.

On the off chance that you need to become familiar with a couple of additional stunts. You ought to likewise check our past aides enumerating the means to get Cortana to shutdown or restart your Windows 10 PC using voice commands. And how to get Cortana to use Google instead of Bing to deliver search results.

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