10 games that still need to come to Xbox backward compatibility

Since the time the dispatch of the retrogressive similarity program two years back, Xbox clients have appreciated the capacity to play a significant number of their old Xbox titles on the Xbox One.

Microsoft as of late extended the program to incorporate OG Xbox titles as well, including works of art like Knights of the Old Republic and Ninja Gaiden Black.

Here are my very own couple individual picks for Xbox 360 and Xbox titles I’d love to see hit Xbox One!

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Star Wars Battlefront

The first Star Wars Battlefront from 2004 is broadly viewed as a great that brought huge scope Star Wars fights to the screens of players just because. Regardless of whether you decided to participate fighting as an infantry trooper, a vehicle driver, or a starfighter pilot, Battlefront was, from numerous points of view, a bona fide Star Wars sandbox that was a treat to appreciate.

With the cutting edge Star Wars Battlefront II just weeks away, wouldn’t it be astonishing in the event that we could encounter the game that began everything again on our Xbox Ones?

Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom

What many accepted would be a gooey and no frills experience dependent on the child well disposed nature of the popular TV show were astonished to find that Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom was really an inconceivably skilled 3D platformer with a lot of substance.

Highlighting imaginative situations, a plenty of foes to fight, and an amusing, engaging plot, Battle for Bikini Bottom is the ideal case of what a Spongebob game ought to be.

The game was so generally welcomed by fans that the engineer, Heavy Iron Studios, chose to utilize its motor and make another game dependent on the first Spongebob film. In spite of the fact that no more games like it have discharged since Battle for Bikini Bottom stays for some as an excellent family-friendly joyride.

Midtown Madness 3

In contrast to most dashing games, which center around using real race tracks, Midtown Madness 3 picks to have you race in the city of either Paris or Washington D.C. There are many hustling difficulties to finish, and thusly, you can open new kinds of vehicles to drive.

In the game’s free mode, you have total ward over where you drive and how, permitting you to make extreme police pursues by driving wildly or simply permitting you to take a loosening up journey all through the urban communities.

Different paint work jars are found around the two settings as well, reassuring investigation. In conclusion, the title’s multiplayer considered you to play with your companions and contend with each other.

By and large, Midtown Madness 3 was a hustling game that freed the conceivable outcomes up to substantially more than just doing races.

Star Wars: Republic Commando

In the event that Battlefront was the principal game to bring huge scope Star Wars to gaming, at that point Republic Commando was the first to bring a strategic, coarse, boots-on-the-ground Star Wars understanding to the table.

Star Wars: Republic Commando follows the tale of Delta Squad, a tip top unit of profoundly prepared clone troopers, as they upset different Separatist tasks and hugely add to the Republic war exertion.

Proclaimed right up ’til today as extraordinary compared to other crew shooters made, Republic Commando is an immortal magnum opus that has matured incredibly, notwithstanding being longer than 10 years old.


Not many Xbox titles offer an incredible encounter that MechAssault does. While robots battling each other isn’t actually an outside idea, not many games receive the thought superior to this one.

Including profound ongoing interaction with a few mech classes, weapons, and capacities, MechAssault is the ideal game for the individuals who need to explode stuff with goliath machines in innovative manners. What’s better, you can even duel your companion in split-screen. 1v1 MechAssault me, brother.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind marks Bethesda’s first move with the arrangement towards genuine open world RPGs. While The Elder Scrolls I and II were in fact open world, they were generally speaking progressively direct and plot-focused.

Morrowind, nonetheless, intends to give the player opportunity to investigate the game world as they see fit and complete the story at their own pace.

This new style was met with blended gathering from the outset, however after some time, the RPG people group developed to adore it. Thus, The Elder Scrolls games that came after wound up turning out to be what they are presently: best-selling, fan favorites. Without Morrowind’s aspiration, The Elder Scrolls may have resembled a totally unique establishment today.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

Considering that the first game became backward compatible recently, it would be miserable if the spin-off, Knights of the Old Republic II, wasn’t made perfect too.

The game games various enhancements over the first title, for example, better illustrations, new powers and the expansion of a unique impact framework with characters and exchange. Likewise, it offers a fascinating philosophical interpretation of the Force that remaining parts one of a kind even today.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

The first in a long queue of fruitful Modern Warfare titles, Call of Duty 4 was one of the Xbox 360’s greatest hits. Frequently associated with the reality it was one of the main games on the framework that tested Halo 3 as far as prominence, Call of Duty 4 offered a new and loyal CoD experience that dazzled the two veterans of the arrangement and newcomers the same.

While the game was remastered as of late, various changes were made in the modernized form, for example, modified development speed and the expansion of flexibly drops.

Making Call of Duty 4 in reverse perfect would permit the game’s after to encounter the title precisely as they did 10 years prior.

Silent Hill: HD Collection

Initially selective to PlayStation 2, both Silent Hill 2 and 3 got playable on the Xbox 360 when the Silent Hill: HD Collection was discharged. Xbox clients could at last experience the widely praised awfulness titles, with overhauled visuals to really sweeten the deal.

Quiet Hill HD Collection isn’t great, known for bugs and graphical issues, however since the improvement of new Silent Hill ventures has been fairly rough and stressing in the course of the most recent couple of years, it is incredible to carry the HD Collection to the Xbox One.

This may be the main way that devotees of the arrangement can keep playing through and getting a charge out of the absolute best games the ghastliness classification brings to the table into what’s to come.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Star Wars: The Clone Wars was a game that used the prequel time’s huge swath of vehicles and airplane to its fullest potential. All through the game, you fight the Separatists utilizing an assortment of famous vehicles, for example, the TX-130 contender tank, the LAAT/I gunship, and the AT-XT overwhelming walker, among others. Additionally, there are likewise a couple of sections where you can fight droid powers on the ground as Jedi characters like Anakin Skywalker or Mace Windu.

In the split-screen multiplayer mode, players can clash as either the Republic or the Separatists, every player accessing different specialty as they fight to obliterate the adversary HQ.

Player controlled bases naturally manufacture laser turrets around them, and will even make guards of AI-controlled vehicles whenever left uncontested for a considerable length of time.

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